Worked for my arm 6 months after i finished the course my arms dried up and closed. That was 6 years ago. I have had 2 other courses to try and help my groin with no such luck Side affects though vary but are very dry skin lips arms whole body becomes itchy. Also you can become depressed it does have that affect and as most are already depressed having this condition it can worsen. Also not to be taken when pregnant or to think about becoming for at 6 months once course is finished.

I had been suffering from acne since the age of 14 or 15 and had been to the Doctor a number of times to try and get the problem sorted. I had tried lots of antibiotics and creams but none of them were ever very effective. The spots I had appeared on my chest, back and face, they were generally cystic and deep under the skin so they would take ages to fully come to the surface and were normally very painful. I had been put off Accuatne based on all the negative press I had read online and in the papers . On my 21st Birthday I had organised to go out for drinks and clubbing in town with a few of my friends and family. About a week before I could almost feel a spot brewing on the end of my nose (the worst place to have a spot), by the time it was my birthday the spot had grown in size and redness and I did not feel like going out of the house at all - I went drinking and clubbing but my thoughts were constantly on the humongous spot on the end of my nose. That was it, I made a decision there and then to see my Doctor, organise an appointment with a dermatologist and get the problem sorted out, everything else I had tried had failed. With in a week of starting the treatment my spots had pretty much gone - I only needed 4 months on the medication and they decided that I no longer needed to take it - I had originally been told it could take 6 to 12 month. The treatment did cause dry skin and dry lips for the duration but this was a lot easier to manage than acne. I always had a bottle of water on hand just to keep hydrated, my lips were the worst and were always cracked - the lip solves I used were not very good and they need to be applied constantly - the lip balm I found that worked the best was Carmex (it comes in a small tub with a green/yellow lid), pretty expensive but worth it. I know there have been cases of depression for those on the medicine but I did not have any - how could I be depressed when my skin had been better that it has ever been! I had been told that as this drug really does dry the skin out that it is important to stay out of the sun and apply sun block - this is something that caught me out early on in the treatment, my face got burnt, not badly but it was a bit red, from then onwards I always applied sun block, even if it wasnít that sunny. You are also not allowed to drink on the drug - which was hard at 21 and coming to the end of Uni - I told my friend I was on antibiotics and wasnít able to drink - I didnít say why because I was embarrassed. Iíve seen some online stores selling this and it should not be allowed, this drug is extremely powerful Ėitís completely manufactured and I donít think there is anything natural in it. It can only be prescribed by a specialist i.e. a dermatologist and I had to have regular blood test to make sure it wasnít damaging my liver and that my cholesterol remained stable. My only regret was not taking it sooner - 6 years of painful acne and it was solved with in 4 months! I would recommend this drug to any one of my friends or family.
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